neatMon Releases The Local Hub. No More Monthly Subscriptions!

Published: 2024-01-10T00:00-08:00

neatMON LOCAL-HUB is a paradigm shifting innovation; it effectively addresses farmer/end-user concerns with the subscription costs and data security/privacy issues inherent in cloud-based software. The neatMON HUB software is locally hosted on a dedicated “appliance” (special purpose computer) that serves as the hub of the monitoring, data collection network (which can span dozens of growing operations and locations). The obvious advantage is that the customer owns the software and does not incur often expensive, monthly subscription charges. With the data hosted locally, only the farming organization can view and manipulate it, ensuring that it remains proprietary and confidential.

The neatMon LOCAL-HUB is an innovative advancement as opposed to a return to locally hosting approaches used before cloud-computing became the norm. Rather than utilizing a general purpose PC, it utilizes a built-for-purpose network appliance as the computing platform. This approach improves the performance and robustness of the system. In addition, both the hardware and software have features specific to operating a neatMON wireless monitoring network. For example, the network appliance can be connected to WiFi access points, which can collect data from neatMON nodes equipped with WiFi communications. The neatMON LOCAL-HUB software is the same full featured software that is available in the cloud, including the state-of-the-art AI/machine learning inference engines. Additionally, it’s data can also be accessed remotely through the neatMON HUB cloud software; a special interface allows the user to log into the cloud software, but utilize the data collected and stored locally.