Ag-Viewer Software Now Compatible With neatMon Telemetry

Published: 12/1/2023, 7:00:00 AM

Ag-Viewer is a Chilean cloud-based customizable and multipurpose application for remotely monitoring and managing a growing operation. Ag Analytics, the company behind Ag-Viewer, is a software company that relies on third-party telemetry and sensor companies to provide the data for their solution. As a result, they are compatible with many of the platforms and sensors available in the market and found on farms. Recently, Ag Analtytics integrated their software with Automated Nodes from neatMon in order to broaden and complement their offering.

Rodrigo Ferreyra, CEO of Ag Analytics, explained the addition of neatMon: "In agriculture, two things are vital: 1) that the product works reliably and 2) that it is well supported. We thoroughly field tested the neatMon technology and it performed exceptionally well. We have known Daniel for many years and rely on him for support when needed. While we selected neatMon specifically for water distribution applications such as deep well monitoring and flow meter tracking, we recommend it as a general purpose telemetry platform.

Ag-Viewer capabilities address: soil moisture, weather, plant health, irrigation control, alerting, EC and fertilizer. For more information visit: